Jordan, France top diplomats discuss ties, region

Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi Thursday held talks with visiting French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian on a bevy of issues, yet no topic will define France’s top diplomat visit more than Amman-Paris ties, boosting economic, investment defence and security cooperation.

Above all, the ministers also examined efforts targeting a political landscape towards the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the basis of the two-state solution, in addition to bring about a solution to the crisis in war-ravaged neighboring Syria.

France, Jordan’s top foreign investor with investments amounting to $2 billion and $411million in bilateral trade turnaround between the two countries.

Both top diplomats reached a common ground on the gravity of deadlock in the peace process, echoing the call for practical action to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in line with the International Legitimacy Resolutions.

On Syria, the officials stressed relentless endeavors and coordination to realize a political solution to the Arab neighboring country, which meet the demands and aspirations of the Syrian people via the Geneva process.

In a joint press conference, Safadi and Le Drian also reviewed the “distinguished” bilateral ties binding the two countries in various domains.

Le Drian reiterated his country’s commitment to sustaining investments in infrastructure projects, water, energy and telecommunications in Jordan through the French Development Agency.

“Deepening the strategic partnership between Jordan and France and stepping up cooperation dominated the talks with the French minister”, Safadi stated and highlighted real cooperation opportunities referred to by His Majesty King Abdullah and France’s President Emmanuel Macron.

Responding to a question, Safadi said bilateral ties are rapidly developing, and both King Abdullah and President Macron have “crystal clear vision” and determination towards a solidified cooperation.

” We are trying to foster engagement between the private sectors in both countries and the governments are working to create the frameworks that would allow enhanced two-way trade and cooperation”, Safadi pointed out.

He, moreover, went on saying: ” We have a robust foundation for common understanding and cooperation, mutual goals as well towards solving Middle East crises and bring about peace and stability.”

With around 600 million Euro in aid to Jordan since 2016, the minister lauded France’s support to Jordan in shouldering the burdens of the Syrian refugee crisis which impacted the Kingdom.

“This is an indicator of the deep-rooted relations and enthusiasm of both Amman and Paris -with direct support from both countries’ leaderships- in pressing ahead towards improved bilateral ties”, Safadi commented during the presser.

Further, he voiced Jordan’s appreciation of France’s supportive stance of the Palestinian people’s rights to freedom and a sovereign state.

He also said Jordan and France are on the same page on the fact that the status quo can no longer be sustained, emphasizing the need for effective efforts to break the stalemate, advancing towards a solution since the lack of a real cure undermines the stability of the entire region.

Referring to the crisis in Syria, Safadi said both France and Jordan are endeavoring to bring about a political solution there aiming to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people.

” We are extremely anxious to achieve a political solution in Syria that end the bloodshed there and bring back normal life to the Syrian brethren”, Safadi told the reporters.

With regard to opening the border with Syria, Safadi said a guidance note penned last year by Jordan, USA, and Russia under the southern Syria de-escalation zone accord, contained a reference to this issue at the request of the Russian side.

” We will make the necessary decision and open the border when political and security conditions make it possible for the opening and that has always been our clear and consistent position”, he explained.

So far, the Syrian regime has not yet formally asked to open the border fence, the minister said and added ” We will deal with this issue in a positive manner that would serve our interest and would also help the Syrian people meet their aspirations”.

Source: Jordan News Agency