Jordan, France top diplomats discuss ties, region 1st, final add

For his part, the French Foreign Minister said Jordan and France ties are based on mutual trust and determination pursuing peace in the region and enhancing the quality of bilateral relations.

Jordan, he said, is a friend country; and like France, has been hit by terrorism but stood up against terrorists. ” There are some kind of brothers in arms embodied in receiving French troops engaged in the war against the Daesh terrorist group”, said the French minister.

He also highlighted the “excellent relations” between King Abdullah and President Macron, referring to their first ever meeting in 2017, in which both leaders expressed eagerness to strengthening security ties.

France, he added, is involved in developing cooperation and investment with Jordan.

On Middle East issues, Le Drian said his country awaits the U.S initiative to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and said Paris’ position is based on “our principles”, which will determine our position from the initiative when presented.

He also underscored the important role played by Jordan to safeguard holy sites in Jerusalem. In response to a question, the minister said he was impressed by the generosity of Jordanian authorities towards the Syrian refugees and voiced the call to support the Kingdom in meeting the Syrian people’s demands.

Safadi, on his part, commended France for its support extended to Jordan in a bid to shoulder the burdens of the Syrian refugees.

Source: Jordan News Agency