Jerusalem an issue of destiny, national constant, says House Speaker

Amman, Lower House Speaker Atef Tarawneh said Tuesday that supporting the Palestinian issue and defending Jerusalem is a fundamental Jordanian national issue that cannot be compromised.

Addressing students of the Applied Science University Tuesday, Tarawneh stressed that Jordanians’ support of their leadership and the unified official and public positions on defending the Palestinian cause are the only way to safeguard Jordan and Palestine against any designs to target them.

Under the current circumstances in Palestine, he said, the Arab and Muslim countries must unify their stances in coordination with the forces around the world that believe in the just cause of Palestine, he added.

He said such coordination would, undoubtedly, fend off all attempts to undermine the Palestinian people’s rights.

Tarawneh, who is also President of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union, stated that he constantly coordinates with Arab parliaments to expose the Israeli occupation’s practices at the regional and international forums.

During the session, university students expressed their pride in King Abdullah’s stance on the Palestinian cause, affirming that Jordanian youth stand by the Kingdom’s official position to make sacrifices in the defence of Palestine and Jerusalem.

They also raised questions on political reform laws, investment and tourism attraction, as well as the mechanism and the legislative and oversight capacity of the Parliament.

Source: Jordan News Agency