Israeli municipality rejects 20 building permits for Palestinians

Occupied Jerusalem, The Israeli Planning and Building Committee in Jerusalem municipality rejected some 20 applications for residential building permits submitted by Palestinians, under the pretext that procedures that had been followed until today were no longer acceptable, according to Israeli Haaretz daily.

Haaretz said that the municipality’s decision also rejected a long-standing procedure for establishing land ownership in East Jerusalem.

Representatives of right-wing parties and the secular Hitorerut ticket on the city’s zoning board voted against the building plans, while members of the ultra-Orthodox parties voted in favor, it added.

Meanwhile, two Israeli bulldozers demolished a Palestinian-owned car-wash facility in Beit Safafa town south of occupied Jerusalem, under the pretext it was built without a permit, the Committee Against the Wall and Settlement in the town said in a statement.

“The real purpose of this demolition is to open new route of the light railway to Gilo settlement, which is built on the Palestinian lands south of the holy city,” the committee added.

Source: Jordan News Agency