Israel shuts Al-Aqsa “Qibli Mosque” with iron chains

Ramallah, Israeli occupation authorities on Sunday closed the doors of both Al-Marwani and Al-Qibli chapels located inside the Al-aqsa mosque with iron chains, a Palestinian official said.

The General Director of the Jerusalem Awqaf and Al-Aqsa Mosque Affairs Department, Sheikh Azzam Al-Khatib, today told Petra’s reporter in Ramallah that more than 1,000 extremist settlers, lead by the extremist Israeli Jewish Rabbi Yehuda Glick, broke into Al-aqsa mosque.

“Palestinian worshippers inside their holy shrine confronted the extremists by chanting Allah Akbar “God is Great”, Al-Khatib said.

“Israel army has reinforced its presence, deploying more troops and police inside the mosque to protect the intruders and allow them raid the holy shrine, he added.

Source: Jordan News Agency