Israel plans to settle 250,000 Jewish settlers in Golan

Ramallah, The Israeli Ministry of Construction plans to encourage Israeli settlement in the occupied Syrian Golan and house thousands of new Jewish settlers in the area , Haaretz reported on Monday.

The plan entails building thousands of through of housing units to accommodate around 250,000 new comers by 2048, the newspaper revealed .

The details of the new plan comes one week after US President Donald Trump declared Israeli control over the Syrian Golan Heights, occupied in 1976 along with the West Bank and Gaza.

The Arab summit held in Tunisia Sunday reiterated its rejection of the American president’s declaration.

The plan, drafted and prepared by the Ministry of Housing and in cooperation with the Golan Regional Council, the settlement council of Katzrin and the Or movement, includes the construction of 30,000 housing units in the Ketzrin settlement, Haaretz added.

It also includes the establishment of two new settlements in the Golan, as well as providing 45,000 new jobs for the newcomers and investment in infrastructure related to transportation and tourism, in addition to linking the Golan to the transportation network in “Israel”.

According to the plan, the Israeli occupation authorities will clear some 80,000 dunums of landmines in preparation for tourism, and other commercial and housing development projects, it added further.

Source: Jordan News Agency