Israel further limits Gaza fishing zone, closes key lifeline

The Israeli occupation authorities decided to further limit the fishing zone for Gazans to three nautical miles, starting Tuesday, in a move seen as part of a collective punishment that affects the livelihood of more than two million Palestinians in the impoverished Gaza Strip.

The restriction is one in a series of measures Israel has taken in the last few days to inflict further suffering in an already dire situation in the blockaded Gaza Strip, where international humanitarian agencies have warned of an impending humanitarian disaster.

The restrictions, as punitive measures following the latest escalation against Gaza, include the closure of Karem Abu Salem crossing, the only commercial border conduit for Gazans that links Egypt and Israel, for all products, including desperately needed fuel and food supplies.

Hamas, which rules the coastal territory, denounced the closures, which, it said, reflect the “ill intentions of the occupying power to tightening the blockade and commit more crimes against the Palestinian people.”

It also held Israel accountable for the grave consequences that would arise from the restrictions, which showed the “magnitude of injustice perpetrated against Gaza.”

Source: Jordan News Agency