Israel bans entry of raw materials into Gaza

Gaza, The head of the Popular Committee to End Gaza’s Siege, Jamal Al-Khoudary, said that Israel is still banning the entry of raw materials necessary to operate factories in the Gaza Strip as part of its policy of economic strangulation.

The collapse of the economic and vital facilities in Gaza has reached its final stage as a result of Israel’s on-going procedures, the closure of the Karam Abu Salim commercial crossing with the Gaza Strip for 27 consecutive days, and the detention of thousands of trucks loaded with goods, Al-Khoudary stated in a press release.

He underlined that Israel prohibits the entry of nearly 1000 basic commodities to Gaza, of both the industrial and commercial sectors, as well as raw materials, building materials, fuel and cooking gas, noting that a number of factories are basically shutdown.

He stressed the seriousness and illegality of the Israel’s actions, adding that they constitute a flagrant violation of international law, and are in violation of all agreements signed with the Palestinian Authority, especially the agreement on the opening of the crossings.

Al-Khoudary called on the international community to pressure Israel to reverse its actions against Gaza, and lift the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip completely.

Source: Jordan News Agency