Islamic Charity Center Society donates JD200,000 to confront COVID-19

President of the Islamic Charity Center Society, Jamil Dheisat, announced a donation of JD200,000, as part of the national campaign to confront the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Dheisat said JD100,000 of the donation will be channeled to support the work of the Health Ministry, while an amount of JD100,000 will be allocated to secure food parcels, hygiene and sterilization materials to be distributed to poor families throughout the Kingdom, in coordination with official agencies managing the crisis.

“This donation is part of our national and social responsibility in light of the circumstances the country is going through, in addition to putting the society’s institutions at the disposal of the state in case assistance of other sectors institutions to support the official public sector was needed,” Dheisat added.

He noted that a permanent committee was remotely formed through the society’s institutions in its health, educational, programmatic and community care sectors, to consider measures that must be taken in the context of the official and civil national effort to confront the disease.

He pointed out that this virus poses a serious challenge to the state, the people, official institutions and civil society institutions, and pushes for mutual support and cooperation in order to enable stakeholders limit its spread.

Dheisat called on all sectors of the society to fully comply with decisions issued by official authorities, stressing that any action the society may take as a national contribution will be in harmony with official directions and as a reinforcement to them, as the general situation practically requires a joint responsibility that is only identified by official instructions.

Source: Jordan News Agency