Irbid governorate’s exports reached $23m in May

The value of Irbid’s exports in May declined by 23.3 percent reaching $51.3 million compared to the $67 million in the same period of last year.

Exports of Al Hassan Industrial Zone stood at $46 million, while the Cyber City’s share stood at $5.5 million, and exports of areas outside the Qualified Industrial Zone were valued at $1 million.

A report by the Irbid Chamber of Industry showed that the sectors that achieved an increase in exports during May are the food industries, with $2 million, engineering and electrical industries $1.5 million, chemical and cosmetics industries $1 million, and packaging, cardboard and office supplies $100,000.

Leather and Garments sectors witnessed a decline reaching $43.7 million, a drop of 25 percent of the same period last year, followed by the medical and medical appliances industries at $2 million, construction $600,000, and plastic and rubber at $400,000.

The Chairman of the Irbid Chamber of Industry, Hani Abu Hassan, said Al Hassan Industrial Zone exports reported the lion’s share with 90 percent of total exports.

The US market ranked first, in terms of exports with a percentage of 71 of total exports, while exports to Arab markets stood at 12 percent.

Source: Jordan News Agency