Iraqi Business Council in Amman hosts participants in Jordanian-Iraqi parliamentary forum

Amman, The Iraqi Business Council (IBC) in Amman and Iraqi business leaders residing in Jordan and members of the Iraqi parliament, participation in the Jordanian-Iraqi parliamentary forum, discussed issues related to the development of their country’s economy.

The meeting stressed the need to engage the Iraqi private sector in drafting economic laws and legislation that contribute to the transformation to the free market economy and facilitate granting visas to enter Jordan.

They called for setting up ad hoc committees to follow up and implement legal legislation after endorsement, which will promote the Iraqi economy, noting that agreements signed between the two countries constitute a great opportunity to support the private sector.

IBC President, Majid Al-Sadi, said the number of Iraqi businessmen and investors residing in Jordan since 1991 reached 30,000.

Head of the Lower House’s Economy and Investment Committee, Khair Abu Saileik, said Jordan, as per His Majesty King Abdullah’s directives, stands hand in hand with Iraq in the rebuilding and construction processes, noting that economic agreements that have been signed are important to enhance the two countries’ trade exchanges and achieve mutual benefits.

Source: Jordan News Agency