Investments in Jordan successful, promising: Qatar’s Nebras Power

CEO of the Qatar-based energy company Nebras Power QPSC, Khalid Jolo said the company’s investments in Jordan are successful and promising.

The company’s portfolio in Jordan has achieved remarkable growth during the past five years, which are long-term investments, and the company’s first investments in Jordan were through the Shams Maan solar power station, and it has invested in four other projects in Jordan, in which the company’s share represents 17 percent of the total energy market in Jordan, Jolo said Wednesday in a statement.

Jolo added that “Jordan is one of the few Arab markets in which the company invests in addition to the Sultanate of Oman and Tunisia,” pointing out that Kuwait and Morocco markets are among the future markets that the company plans to enter.

The volume of Nebras Power’s investment portfolio has doubled over the past five years to QAR7 billion ($2 billion), compared to QAR3.65 billion ($1 billion) as capital upon incorporation.

Jolo pointed out that the company’s production portfolio increased to 6 gigawatts (6,000 megawatts) through 14 investments in 7 countries.

He noted that the company has made important and significant achievements during the past few years, and has enjoyed a global position and reputation that made international companies in the energy field look to cooperate and participate with it in existing or new projects.

Source: Jordan News Agency