INTAJ, Professional Computer Association of Lebanon sign MoU

Amman, Information Technology Association – INTAJ and Professional Computer Association of Lebanon (PCA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Sunday to meet the two sides’ technical, information and human requirements.

The memo, signed by INTAJ Executive Director, Nidal Bitar, and the PCA’s President, Camille Moukarzel, aims to enhance exchanging expertise and the advanced successful electronic solutions of each side.

Under the MoU, the two organizations will promote their joint activities, seminars and conferences in both countries.

During the signing ceremony, Bitar said INTAJ aims to enhance cooperation among the concerned parties in the ICT sector in the Arab countries, adding this agreement comes within the association’s executive plan in paving the way for the Jordanian IT sector to reach new markets.

The memo also enables the parties to secure the necessary software, technology and equipment, in addition to specialized human resources, especially in projects implemented by the public or private sectors, Bitar pointed out.

For his part, Moukarzel said that the MoU is a part of the framework of cooperation between the two associations to enhance joint work in the ICT sector, especially in holding training courses and building the two associations’ human manpower.

The agreement gives the two associations the power to settle any contractual dispute among the IT companies in both countries, in regard to the supply of software and equipment.

Source: Jordan News Agency