Instabile weather, scattered showers forecast today

Amman, The Kingdom is affected by a state of air instability, with a relatively cold air mass causing temperatures to drop.
Mercury will drop below the average levels, as relatively cold weather prevails in most areas, and rain showers forecast in separate areas across the Kingdom, Director of Weather Forecasts at Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD), Raed Al Khattab, said on Saturday in a statement to “Petra”.
During the afternoon hours, the downpour may be in limited areas of the Kingdom’s northern regions accompanied by thunder and occasional hail, Al Khattab said.
The air mass will tend to stave off in the early night hours, he said, and warned of the dangers of low horizontal visibility due to the dust in the eastern, southern regions.

In Amman, temperatures on Saturday are forecast to see a high of 21 degrees Celsius during the day and a low of 11 degrees at night, while highs in the port city of Aqaba will jump to 31 degrees, and mercury will drop to at 21 degrees at night.

Source: Jordan News Agency