Hundreds protest against income tax law

Amman Members of political parties, professional associations and economic activists took part in protests on Wednesday to reject the income tax law that was recently referred by the government to Parliament.

The protestors called for abolishing the law and start a comprehensive nation-wide dialogue on the tax system.

The law aims at combating tax fraud and increasing treasury revenues from tax collections. It was drafted to criminalize tax evasion and tighten its penalty and introduce electronic mechanisms that would increase and improve tax collection.

During a recent Cabinet session, the government approved a draft law amending the Income Tax Law No. 34 of 2014.

The new law aims at addressing avoidance, tax evasion, improving tax management, enhancing the voluntary commitment of taxpayers and expanding the tax base.

State Minister for Media Affairs Mohammad Momani said the government will continue dialogue on the draft law with parliamentary blocs and committees to reach a just law that addresses tax evasion, and is capable of financing basic services to citizens.

The draft Income Tax Law is part of the comprehensive economic and financial reform process. It is part of decisions and policies adopted by the government to reach a stage of self-reliance that enable the country to build a strong economy.

Source: Jordan News Agency