Huida Group: One of the Smart and Savvy Exhibitors at Canton Fair

High-tech Huida boosts profits and profile around the world

GUANGZHOU, China, Sept. 30, 2015 / PRNewswire — With China constantly adding value to its economy, a growing number of Chinese companies are taking their cutting-edge products onto the world stage. One such enterprise is Huida, a leading supplier of ceramic ware with nearly 10,000 employees.

Boasting customers in over 100 countries, Huida is now one of the most effective international marketers in the industry. Regular attendance at the Canton Fair is seen as a vital cornerstone of the company’s strategy to raise its profile overseas and drive global sales. It comes as no surprise that the company’s foreign trade has soared since it first Canton Fair attendance back in 1998.

Huida has made good use of the services available to Canton Fair attendees. The company is an enthusiastic participant in the event’s range of invitational initiatives, of which the “i-Share” program – where exhibitors and regular buyers can invite new buyers to the event, and receiving multiple benefits against the quantity of the sent invitations – isĀ  one of the most successful. For new buyers attracted by this program, they are also rewarded by exclusive Green Channels and coffee coupons.

Initiatives such as i-Share are driving up the diversity of buyers at the Canton Fair. The 117th installment of the event earlier this year was attended by over 180,000 buyers from 216 countries, boasting more international representatives than the United Nations.

For Huida, it was the perfect opportunity to showcase its latest products. The company’s smart sanitary series stole the show, combining high-tech features and a personalized experience that neatly embodied the Fair’s “Created in China” ethos.

“Our booths always attract large crowds of buyers from around the world,” says Huida president Wang Yanqing.

Wang, who has attended almost every session of the Canton Fair, believes the event not only helps heighten brand awareness, but is also the perfect way to network and gain industry insight.

“Through the Canton Fair we have come to understand the latest trends, technologies and design developments,” he says. “It has motivated us to redouble our efforts at new product development. This has helped us to stand out from the crowd.”

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