House delegation visits French Parliament

Amman, A Lower House delegation, led by MP Khaled Bakkar, visited the French Parliament Wednesday at the invitation of the President of the Jordanian-French Parliamentary Friendship Association, Jean-Philippe Bouyer.

In a statement put out on Wednesday, the Association called on the international community to fulfill its obligations towards the refugee-hosting countries, especially Jordan, which hosted many humanitarian refugee waves triggered by Middle East crises.

Bakar lauded the “distinguished, firm” relations, commending the cooperation and coordination between the two countries’ leaderships, at their highest levels, which requires measures to achieve mutual interests.

The MP expressed Jordan’s appreciation to France’s for its continued support to Jordan in all fields, especially in its war on terrorism, adding the Kingdom, on behalf of the international community, is leading a “relentless” fight against extremism and terrorism.

In this context, he called for increasing security and military cooperation.

On Paris’s assistance, he stressed the importance of the French role in increasing direct aid, investment and project financing, as well as supporting the Kingdom’s energy and water sector.

The French side urged the international community to continue to shoulder its responsibilities in supporting Jordan.

Source: Jordan News Agency