Hot air mass to affect country: JMD

Amman, A scorcher is expected to affect the country by the end of this week mid-next next week as the weather will be hotter compared with the same period of previous years by 3-5 Celsius degrees, the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) said Thursday.

Temperatures in Amman will hit a high of 36-37 in the daytime and a low of 22-23 in the night. The weather will be hotter in the Badia, Jordan Valley, and Aqaba, as temps are forecast to register a high of 40-44 Celsius degrees, Director of JMD, Hussein al-Momani, announced.

The hot air mass will recede by Wednesday on Sep. 5, the weather will be back to normal, he told “Petra.”

The JMD warns of direct exposure to the sun, especially at noon to avoid heat strokes, and encourages people to drink more water and fluids and not to leave their children sitting inside closed vehicles while shopping.

Source: Jordan News Agency