Higher education minister participates in MENA ICT forum

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Adel al-Twaisi on Wednesday participated in the “MENA Innovation 2018: Official Ministerial Summit for ICT Innovation in Education and Digital Inclusion” which started Sunday in Cairo.

The Minister participated in a session on innovation in higher education and investment in smart universities.

Al-Twaisi spoke about the national strategy for human resources development in the higher education sector aimed at enhancing the capacity of university students to innovate, move from education to learning, and to include technology and open education allocations in university programs.

He also talked about rechanneling support for scientific research from traditional theoretical research to support innovation and creativity.

On the other hand, Al-Twaisi visited the Egyptian University of Science and Technology because it has the largest gathering of Jordanian students in Egypt and the Arab world at the university level, where about 550 students from the Kingdom are studying, mostly in medical and engineering specialties.

Source: Jordan News Agency