Health Ministry: 5-year-old child dies in mass food poisoning in Ein Al-Basha

A 5-year-old child died after eating contaminated food from a restaurant in Ein al-Basha, northwest of Amman, in a mass poisoning incident, the Ministry of Health announced Wednesday.


Minister of Health Sa’ad Jaber said that the incident left 700 people ill, all of whom were admitted to hospitals, indicating that most of the cases are in good health while a few of them have moderate symptoms.


A statement by the ministry revealed that laboratory tests have confirmed the presence of two types of bacteria in the Shawerma meals, including the enterococcus faecalis bacteria and campylobacter.


“After examining the restaurant, it was found that the cooling unit inside the shawarma cooking room was found non-functional, and that the preparation process takes place outside in an unhealthy environment and without adhering to the safety measures” the statement added.


Source: Jordan News Agency