Government to empower directorates to ensure success of decentralization

Amman, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz said that the government will reassign powers to the directorates in the governorates in order to contribute to ensuring the success of the decentralization process.

During a meeting on Tuesday with heads of the provincial councils, Razzaz underlined the importance of moving ahead with the implementation of service projects and overcome bureaucratic obstacles, noting that the success of the provincial councils depends on the implementation of service projects, and upgrading the level of services provided to citizens.

The Prime Minister called for the formation of a joint technical committee comprising representatives of the concerned ministries and a number of heads of provincial councils to study all technical issues, discuss projects to be implemented and overcome challenges and problems that may impede the implementation of service projects.

He also instructed to take the necessary legislative and administrative measures to establish a unit to coordinate and follow up on tenders and the implementation of projects.

Source: Jordan News Agency