Ghezawi calls for NGOs to help provide water in poor regions

Amman, Minister of Water and Irrigation, Ali Ghezawi, said Jordan bears great burdens due to the Syrian refugees crisis that raised the demand on water, especially in the north regions, and the Kingdom as a whole.

He made his remarks in a meeting with the German Ambassador to Jordan, Birgitta Maria Siefker-Eberle, the UNICEF Representative, Robert Jenkins, and Jordanian officials to initiate the implementation of two water pipelines and sewerage in the Al-Zaatari refugee camp, to protect the groundwater and the environment in the region.

He called upon the international community and donors to provide more support to improve living conditions in impoverished and les fortunate regions outside the refugee camps, through providing water services and sewerage.

The minister commended the Jordanian-German cooperation and Germany’s efforts, especially those of the ambassador, her staff, and German institutions in supporting water sector. He also valued the UNICEF, the U.S.A. Britain, Canada, and the (UNHCR) for their support.

Jordan is facing a lot of pressure, especially regarding water resources and this problem exacerbated due to the Syrian refugee crisis, Birgitta Maria Siefker-Eberle said, adding that Germany increased its aid to Jordan to around one billion euros. She emphasized on Germany’s position to enable Jordan to face these challenges, especially regarding the water sector, which is considered vital.

“Today is considered very significant regarding our relationship with Jordan in the water sector and sewerage,” the UNICEF Representative, Robert Jenkins, said, adding that “today we initiated new eco-friendly pipeline system and sewerage that will provide sustainable services to children and families.” “We must thank the German government for its support it provides through KfW Development Bank, which is the main supporter for the water and sewerage program in the Al-Zaatari refugee camp, Jenkins added.

While checking on water supply stations, the minister stressed on fair distribution of water and on the commitment to deliver it, especially in the month Ramadan and in the summer. Reasonable portions of water should be fairly given to citizens, he noted, emphasizing that more efforts should be put to develop the performance of the Al-Yarmouk Water Company, northern Jordan.

Source: Jordan News Agency