GE Petroleum signs a strategic agreement to install electric chargers at its plants

Amman, Joe Petrol has signed an exclusive agreement with CATEC, the authorized agent of the Dutch based EBox, to install electric chargers at its stations across the Kingdom’s governorates to provide smart services for the shipment of electric vehicles of all types.

The signing of the agreement between the two sides during the exhibition of Geymex 2019, as part of the pursuit of oil to keep abreast of developments in the energy sector where the company has established about 75 thousand electric vehicle charging stations around the world. The strategic partnership aims to create about 200 50kilowatt electric power stations for one plant within oilgas stations under a longterm agreement, starting from 20 stations during the first year, said Jo Petrol in a statement on Monday.

According to the statement, the average time for the shipment of electric vehicles will be 30 minutes maximum per vehicle.

The project will provide a smart electronic system for owners of electric vehicles provides many features and features that facilitate the process of locating shipping and booking dates and so on

Source: Jordan News Agency