GAM, Mayoralty of Baghdad sign MoU

Amman, Amman Mayor Yousef Shawarbeh and Baghdad Mayor Thikra Alwash on Tuesday signed in Baghdad a Memorandum of Understanding as part of the ongoing cooperation between Jordan and Iraq.

The MoU promotes cooperation in the field of public works, infrastructure and roads and transportation management as well as holding joint courses and seminars in the field of construction and development, especially tunnels, bridges and traffic congestion.

It also stipulates strengthening cooperation in the areas of information technology, city greening and building gardens and parks, exchange of expertise and studies in the field of urban planning, and cooperation in the field of museums and maintenance of ancient buildings.

Shawarbeh commended the Mayoralty of Baghdad’s efforts to serve the city and address challenges and impacts of the war, and achievements related to the rebuilding process and enhancing various municipal services.

He said the city of Amman supports Baghdad in enhancing cooperation and exchange of expertise in all fields of municipal work, and thus contribute to achieving comprehensive development.

Alwash said there is a common interest between the cities of Amman and Baghdad to strengthen cooperation in local administration tasks and municipal activates, especially in the areas of environmental conservation, waste management and utilization in the field of manufacturing and power generation.

Source: Jordan News Agency