Flooding in 4 Canadian provinces sparks evacuations

Ottawa, Canadian communities in Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec are preparing for a critical weekend as rising water levels force thousands to evacuate their homes, according to national sources.

Montreal, Ottawa and many smaller communities have declared states of emergency, prompting the federal government to deploy hundreds of soldiers to help with sandbagging and other relief operations.

Executive director of Ottawa Riverkeeper, Patrick Nadeau, which works to protect the Ottawa River and its tributaries, said that the worst is yet to come for the city, adding that water levels are expected to rise half a meter higher than they did during a 2017 flood.

Engineering manager at the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, Brian Streatton, said that the river is the highest it’s ever been, adding that people living along the Ottawa River are getting flooding at the highest level ever seen.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, visited Constance Bay on Saturday morning, where he spoke with local volunteers. Trudeau and his two sons helped with sandbagging.

Dozens of volunteers also helped with the flood relief, while others donated food to help those in need.

Source: Jordan News Agency