Finland Social Democrats party wins in legislative elections

Amman, Finland’s Social Democrats party has won the general election by a thin margin, capturing two more seats than the nationalist Finns Party.

The opposition Social Democrats scored 17.7 percent, winning 40 seats in the 200-seat parliament, while their Eurosceptic Finns Party rivals were at 17.5 percent – 38 seats – after Sunday’s election.

But Social Democrat leader Antti Rinne, 56, a former union boss, was expected to have the first shot at forming a government, with most party leaders having ruled out cooperation with the populist Finns.

“For the first time since 1999 we are the largest party in Finland … SDP is the prime minister’s party,” Rinne told supporters and party members.

A first-place spot would put the Social Democrats at the head of the government for the first time in 16 years.

Source: Jordan News Agency