With the aim of increasing investments in Oman’s healthcare sector, a delegation led by H E Pekka Voutilainen, Finland’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia visited the Finland Osteopathy Clinic in Al Khuwayr, on Thursday.
Opened by Dr Hakim Hassan in 2005, the clinic, which deals in spine and joint related ailments, is reportedly the first and only facility specialising in osteopathic medicine in Oman.
Ten years since its opening, other Finnish health specialists are seeking to tap into the Omani market. “The delegation is keen to improve the healthcare system in Oman.”
Talking about his clinic and its specialisation, Dr Hassan said, “Lack of exercise among Omanis is a contributing factor to developing such [osteopathic] ailments. With an international team of specialists from countries like Finland, Spain, UK, Germany, and Oman, the clinic hopes to make a change in people’s lifestyle here. The idea is to change what’s causing a lot of trouble to people.”
The Finnish delegation comprised representatives from seven companies that are involved in rehabilitation, healthcare, higher education, and furniture.
They are HUR, Aino Health Management, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Arvela Consulting, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and JAMK University of Applied Sciences.