Exports by ACI-registered factories hit JD1.1bln in Q1 of 2021

The value of exports by factories and industrial businesses registered with the Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI) in the first quarter of 2021 hit a staggering JD1.16 billion against JD1.01 billion in the same period of 2020, signaling an increase of 14.5 percent.


The 3-month figure was driven by higher exports of 6 subsectors, including the chemical and food industries, according to ACI Chairman Fathi Jaghbeer. He told Petra that U.S.-bound Jordanian exports jumped by 50.3 per cent to JD205 million, compared with JD137 million in the same period of last year.


He explained that most of the Jordanian exports to the U.S. market came from the mining and engineering industries, while textile and garment exports retreated; something seen positive by Jaghbeer, who indicated that this reflects the diversity of national exports.


He noted that potash- and phosphate-based fertilizer exports to U.S. markets stood at JD40 million, followed by jewelry, JD30 million, air-conditioning appliances, JD6 million, and aluminum products at JD4.2 million.


The ACI Chairman pointed out that the rebound seen in the January-March figures shows the strength of the Jordanian industry and its ability to access target markets.


According to the chamber’s statistics, the value of exports to Saudi Arabia in the three-month period picked up 17.3 per cent, rising to JD160 million from JD136 million recorded in the corresponding period of 2020.


The Chamber’s exports to India increased by 15.6 per cent to JD 157 million against JD135 million for the same period last year. In turn, exports to Iraq edged down by 1.7 per cent, down to JD130 million compared with JD132 million for the same period last year, according to the figures.


In its sectorial breakdown of the data, the Chamber said the exports were distributed as follows: chemicals and cosmetics JD274 million, medical and pharmaceutical supplies JD166 million, the catering, food, agricultural and livestock industries JD151 million, engineering, electrical and information technology industries JD112 million, leather and textile JD110 million, packaging, paper, cardboard and office supplies JD57 million, plastic and rubber JD43 million, construction JD17 million and finally, wood and furniture industries JD4 million.


Established in 1962, the ACI has 8,600 industrial businesses employing about 159,000 persons with a combined capital of JD5 billion.


Source: Jordan News Agency