Executive President of Agadir Technical Unit meets Tunisian delegation

Amman, Fakhry al-Hazaimeh, Executive President of the Agadir Technical Unit (ATU), Wednesday said the private sector in Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, and Morocco can benefit from the agreement by adopting mechanisms and programs to build partnerships, boost cooperation, and create projects and joint investments.

Al-Hazaimeh made the remarks as he met with a Tunisian delegation to discuss the Agadir Agreement and means to benefit from the competitive edge so that products from Member countries can enter the European market with preferential treatment.

Head of the Tunisian side in the Jordanian-Tunisian Business Council, Aref Belkhairia, said the Agadir Agreement is an “effective” tool for building partnerships and joint investments between business communities in these countries.

However, trade exchange is below the aspired level, he noted, adding the Tunisian business sector is looking forward to enhancing trade ties so as to not only increase trade exchange, but also to build long-term partnerships, industrial integration, and joint investment.

The Agadir Agreement, signed on 25 February, 2004 between Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia, aims at developing economic activity, supporting employment, increasing productivity and improving living standards within the Member Countries.

Source: Jordan News Agency