Education ministry amends mathematics, science curricula for 1st, 4th grades

Amman, The Ministry of Education, on Monday, instructed its field directorates to implement new amendments and guidelines that were recommended by the Ministry’s Technical Committee, tasked to review the mathematics and science curricula for the first and fourth grades.

The move aimed to ensure the curricula scientific accuracy, age appropriateness, and sound schooling, said the Ministry’s circular.

The Ministry also announced the new amendments will be included in the textbooks when they are reprinted.

The ministry called educational supervisors and principals to follow up on implementing the 12page amendment report.

Under the key amendments, some phrases and paragraphs were deleted and some lesson titles were altered.

The teacher’s manuals, and timely plan to deal with the two textbooks’ chapters were also highlighted in light of the new amendments, in addition to the supervisor and teacher guidance materials on dealing with the revised version, the ministry’s circular pointed out.

Source: Jordan News Agency