Eastern Mediterranean COVID-19 death tally at 1,010, says WHO EMRO

The death tally of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Eastern Mediterranean region has hit 1,010 while the caseload has reached 18,019, according to Ahmed Al-Mandhari, Director of the World Health Organization’s Office for the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO).

In a press conference held Wednesday in Cairo, Al-Mandhari called on governments in the region to take robust measures to combat and contain the COVID-19 outbreak and to continue to provide the WHO with information to better understand the disease, track its spread and be able to combat it.

He said that the best measures to combat the disease are the approved containment mechanisms which include detection, testing, isolation and treatment at an early stage, tracking contacts and community engagement, noting that countries that provide information transparently about the disease, and follow an approach in which the government, the private sector and civil society join hands, are most able to control and contain the disease.

The EMRO director also called for protecting healthcare workers and enhancing their knowledge and skills, because they are the mainstay in responding to this pandemic, noting that the global shortage in medical supplies and protective equipment for health workers is a challenge.

He said that the organization is communicating with partners and supporters for more financial support to confront and contain the virus, as the needs are great.

Al-Mandhari pointed out that the WHO’s regional logistics hub in Dubai plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the various countries of the world are provided with the necessary supplies to prepare for and respond to potential cases, adding that the center provided countries in the region with laboratory reagents, personal protective equipment, surgical garments and other supplies.

He pointed out that an opportunity still exists for countries to combat the spread of the virus, as the organization is working closely with the ministries of health in the region to confront the virus.

Source: Jordan News Agency