Dr. Anwar Gargash attends graduation of 4th batch of ‘Anti-Human Trafficking Diploma’ students.

Dr. Anwar Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking, has attended the graduation of the fourth batch of students of the “Anti-Human Trafficking Diploma,” organised by the General Command of the Dubai Police, in cooperation with the committee.The programme goes beyond theory and provides practical training, based on the expertise and experience of lecturers. The programme is set to contribute to the country’s efforts in the fight against human trafficking crimes.

During the ceremony, Dr. Gargash stated that the diploma highlights the UAE’s belief in the importance of training people from all relevant sectors, whether government authorities, ministries, law enforcement agencies or civil society organisations, to combat human trafficking. It also meets the UAE’s commitments to international agreements and protocols, in implementation of the committee’s strategy based on protection, prevention, prosecution and punishment, protecting victims and promoting international cooperation.

He pointed out that the diploma, along with a related training programme, are creative ideas of the UAE government for improving its work, in line with the highest international standards while noting that the goal of both programmes is to train specialists to investigate, reveal and counter human trafficking crimes, as well as to protect and rehabilitate victims, and identify relevant national legislation, international agreements and best practices.

He then congratulated the graduates.

The ceremony was attended by Major General Dr. Abdul Quddus Al Obaidly, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Quality and Excellence Affairs at the Dubai Police, as well as several members of the committee, and representatives of the United Nations, UN, Office on Drugs and Crime in Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

A total of 81 students have successfully completed the diploma, with 29 graduating from the current batch, including 18 Emiratis. The diploma was launched in cooperation with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs