Discarded Zaatari’s Syrian refugee tent finds life as a dress in London

British fashion designer Professor Helen Storey, has turned a discarded UN tent from the Zaatari refugee camp in the Mafraq Governorate into a hooded dress featured on stage at the London Arabia Art and Fashion Week, a celebration of Arabic Culture which runs from 1-4 August.

Now on display, the tent, which has found a new life as a dress still bearing the marks and stains of its past, aims to introduce the reality of Syrian refugees’ lives to audiences who may be physically and politically removed from the conflict.

The objective for this event is to build on the relationship between London and the Arab world; learning what to do to achieve a better cultural platform for artists, designers and authors from the Arab world in London. In doing so, the event also helps to promote a better cultural understanding of the Arab world.

It also sets the partnership grounds with the UN refugee agency UNHCR, by shedding light on the untold suffering of the Syrian refugees in the Arab world, and draw public attention to the anguish of refugees across the world.

Source: Jordan News Agency