Dike breaks in Quebec, forcing thousands to evacuate

Ottawa, The flooding that swept west of the Canadian city of Montreal on Wednesday, caused the breach of a water dike northwest of the city and forcing thousands of residents to flee without notice.

Quebec Premier, Francois Legault, who visited the scene Sunday afternoon, announced the government was immediately giving $1 million to the Red Cross to ensure the evacuees’ immediate needs are met.

“The dike breach brought to 5,584 the total number of flooded homes in the province, with some 7,566 forced to evacuate,” he added.

Town’s Mayor, Sonia Paulus, said 100,000 tonnes of gravel were being trucked in to build two smaller dikes parallel to the water in a bid to keep the flooding from spreading further into the side streets.

Canadian Transport Minister, Marc Garneau, has issued a ban on marine navigation in several areas.

Source: Jordan News Agency