Deputizing for King, minister patronizes Labour Day celebration

Amman, Deputizing for His Majesty King Abdullah II, Minister of Labour Samir Murad, Tuesday, patronized a celebration marking the Labour Day, which was organized by the General Federation of Jordanian Trade Unions (GFJTU), where he conveyed the King’s greetings and congratulations to Jordanian workers.

“The celebration comes in recognition of the labourers’ achievements and their pioneering role in serving the country and its industrial and architectural rise”, the minister said.

On this occasion, Murad added, ” We recall the Hashemite care of Jordanian workers by providing them with sophisticated training programmes in order to enhance their living conditions”.

Murad said that the government has adopted recruitment over employment to address poverty and unemployment, according to a national strategy that focuses on enhancing vocational education and training.

He also stressed that the ministry is re-assessing and re-organising the labour market, intensifying inspection campaigns and following up on the amended draft Labour Law that was referred to the Lower House, noting that the amendments were made in consultation with the three entities involved in the productive process: workers, employers and the government.

GFJTU President Mazen Maaytah reiterated Jordanian workers’ determination to effectively contribute to the country’s development. He also said the federation spared no effort to provide the workers a decent livelihood, including health insurance coverage and job stability.

Source: Jordan News Agency