Czechs protest to demand PM resignation

Amman, An estimated quarter of a million Czech citizens on Monday have demanded the resignation of the Czech Republic’s prime minister in the country’s biggest display of dissent since the 1989 velvet revolution that ended communism in the former Czechoslovakia.

Demonstrators from across the country crowded into Prague to voice anger over PM Andrej Babis, who campaigned on an anti-corruption platform but has himself faced investigations over alleged fraud and conflicts of interest, claims he vehemently denies, according to Reuters.

Phone operator T-Mobile said its network usage analysis put the number of participants at over 258,000. A police spokesman declined to give any estimation to the number of protestors .

Protesters carried banners saying “Resign”, “We’ve had enough”, “We won’t give up democracy”, while others waved Czech and EU flags.

Babis has said people have the right to protest but has firmly refused to step down.

The PM’s populist ANO movement remains the most popular party, although its support has dipped slightly in the past two months to 27.5%, according to a poll by Kantar agency released on June 9.

Babis also has enough backing in parliament, where a no-confidence vote planned for Wednesday is likely to fail.

Source: Jordan News Agency