Crown Prince attends youth debate on university, vocational, technical education

Amman, HRH Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, the Regent, on Wednesday, attended a youth debate on “University Education vs. Vocational and Technical Education,” which is the first in a series of youth debates to be held in the future.

The debate was organized by the Crown Prince Foundation in cooperation with the Arab Youth Centre and Emirates Youth Council, in the presence of UAE Minister of State for Youth Affairs and the Arab Youth Centre Vice President, Shamma bint Suhail bin Faris Al Mazrui.

Two teams comprise about 500 young men and women from the Kingdom’s governorates.

Team members of the pro-university education presented their views on the importance of academic education as the cornerstone of vocational and technical education and the latter could not be a substitute for it, while members of the other team said vocational and technical education is the most important element of basic education for the individual, as it depends on the knowledge and skills associated with needs of the labor market, unlike academic education, which many of its disciplines don’t go in line with requirements of the present.

At the end of the debate, the Crown Prince expressed his great admiration for the distinguished discussion and civilized dialogue provided by the Jordanian youth from both sides to present their views.

Prince Al Hussein stressed the importance of developing the capabilities and skills of the Jordanian youth and enhancing their role and contribution to the development and achievement process, expressing his great confidence in Jordan’s young talents in building a better future.

In an interview, the UAE Minister expressed satisfaction with the partnership between the Crown Prince Foundation, the Arab Youth Center and the UAE Youth Council.

She added that the youth debate program is an important platform for reaching young people’s views and aspirations through meaningful dialogue based on facts and information.

Source: Jordan News Agency