CIMA and HRP co-partner Personal Archetyping with Michel Nugawela (Daily Financial Times (Sri Lanka))

CIMA Sri Lanka and the Association of Human Resource Professionals (HRP) have entered into a joint partnership with Michel Nugawela to co-brand, market and conduct Personal Archetyping programs to their corporate membership.

The agreement was signed by CIMA Regional Director, Middle East, South Asia and North Africa Bradley Emerson, HRP President/HNB PLC Chief Human Resources Officer Chiranthi Cooray, and Michel Nugawela.

The Personal Archetyping programs are based on a paradigm-shifting Jungian psychological approach to individuation that is offered for the first time in Sri Lanka by Michel Nugawela. The 12 archetypes – Innocent, Orphan, Warrior, Caregiver, Explorer, Lover, Destroyer, Creator, Ruler, Magician, Sage and Jester – put a human face to the values, meanings, traits and roles of individuals in their professional and personal lives. Participants achieve personal transformation and self-empowerment when they make the unconscious conscious and understand the invisible forces that shape their thoughts and actions.

CIMA is proud to co-partner the introduction of Personal Archetyping to the Sri Lankan market, said Bradley Emerson. Management accountants are the core of any business and our members are leaders in industry, commerce, management consultancies and banks. The skill sets of CEOs and CFOs will now be enhanced by this ground-breaking Jungian psychological approach that uncovers our unconscious behaviours, reveals why we make the choices we do in organisations and life, and defines a process that allows us to access that information. It plays an equally important role in supporting our ethical commitment to the profession as we understand the role our psychological development and ego plays in decision-making processes across organisations.

As the leading human resources body that represents Sri Lanka’s HR professionals, HRP will jointly promote Personal Archetyping to their elite membership base. HRP is excited to co-partner CIMA and Michel Nugawela in introducing this revolutionary talent management tool that will enhance approaches to leadership development, change management, performance management, coaching, diversity, and team building, said Chiranthi Cooray.

Personal Archetyping allows participants to develop leadership capacities and harvest the diverse talents of teams and groups through a process of inner psychological discovery into the unconscious structures that are imprinted into our minds at different life stages. It will greatly help both individuals and organisations identify the behaviours and skills that drive organisational productivity and success.

The Personal Archetyping programs use internationally-validated psychological self-assessment tools, readings, imagery, visualisations, exercises and other thought-provoking perspectives, models, and practical actions for participants to ‘try on’ and enhance their relationship with each archetype. At the end of the program, participants would be able to intentionally use the resources, skills and tools from each archetype to show up more fully in their work and life, said Michel Nugawela.

They will also be able to notice when an archetype is active or inactive by observing language, emotions, and behaviours in themselves and others. As each of us learns to access and balance the multiple perspectives and skills of the archetypes, we gain the personal power to transform and empower our professional and personal lives.

Nugawela is a senior level brand development consultant with over two decades of leadership in brand strategy, brand architecture and brand identity. He has branded and repositioned many of Sri Lanka’s most renowned and respected brands including Aitken Spence PLC, Hayleys PLC, Dipped Products PLC, Nations Trust Bank PLC, HNB Acuity, Heritance Hotels and Resorts, Lion Lager, Elephant House, and Carson Cumberbatch PLC’s regional palm oil businesses in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and India.

He also brings extensive experience in change strategies across organisations that result in new mindsets and behaviours by individuals and teams, including assessing organisational culture, identifying key culture drivers, and designing and implementing approaches to establish new leadership and management styles through culture shift objectives.

To learn more about the Personal Archetyping program contact Gayathrie Saravanan CIMA: Gayathrie.Saravanan@ Ext 213, Isuru Samaraweera HRP: info@, or Anusha David: anusha@

Also present at the signing of the agreement were CIMA Country Head Radley Stephens and CIMA Manager Member Development and Thought Leadership Tania Samarasinghe, HRP Vice President/Chief People Officer of Brandix Group Ishan Dantanarayana, HRP Ex Co Member/Head of Human Resource Development of Goodhope PLC Chinthaka Premaratne, and The Archetype Group/Headlines PR Chairperson Anusha David.