Chery’s New RUIHU 5X Exhibits Supreme Quality On Its All Terrain Eurotrip

STUTTGART, Germany, Nov. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — After making an equally thrilling entrance as the EXEED TX at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the all new Chery star, RUIHU 5X hit the road. With and over ten domestic and international media channels the new model began its all terrain Eurotrip. It visited the 100+ year old Bosch in Stuttgart, maxed out on the German Autobahn, traversed country roads and made short work of the Hessen mountain paths. Later the RUIHU passed through Rüdesheim and Rothenburg becoming part of the picturesque scenery offered there. Exhibiting passion and also control the RUIHU 5X maintained a smart charm and stayed connected the entire time, bringing to fruition Chevy’s new philosophy “fun, boundless amazement” and this time Europe gives a thumbs up.

RUIHU 5X on its all terrain Eurotrip

Tracing Quality: Top Notes – European Engineers Approve!

Chery is China’s largest independant exporting company and has a business system worthy of the top 100. RUIHU 5X on its quality tracing Eurotrip made its first stop in Stuttgart to pay a visit to one of Chery’s partners – and the world’s first big motorcar technical specialists – Bosch.

The RUIHU 5X speeds round the Bosch’s test track in Stuttgart

Bosch and Chery have enjoyed a 20 year partnership so far bringing Chery to the European standards it can now boast. This time RUIHU 5X came prepared with the automatic safety system supplied by Bosch, the electronically controlled fuel injection and top of the line dashboard are just a couple of many other features that owe their creation to this decades long partnership. All of these features meet the strict European standards and are designed to improve the control and general driving experience of the car.

Leaders of Chery and Deputy CEO of Bosch Mr.Gaenzler

Unimpeded all-terrain, easy to drive and smart, you are the scene

On the German Autobahn, RUIHU 5X remained beautifully steady and did its track record justice. This combined with the progressive pedal power and the ergonomics of the seat gives the driver a great sense of confidence and tremendous feeling when driving.

RUIHU 5X on town roads bringing passers by to a halt

In the majestic old towns and on the quiet streets of rural Germany, the new RUIHU 5X attracted some attention from local passers-by causing them to even stop and admire Chery’s new star child. In their eyes the RUIHU 5X is richer and braver in design than the traditional European equivalents.

Wherever RUIHU 5X is, it's a beautiful sight

One challenge that the RUIHU 5X looked forward to was the mountain roads of Hessen. These routes are very demanding on a car’s control, stability and safety; the perfect opportunity for RUIHU 5X to demonstrate her 1.5T + DCT, both energetic and responsive.

Wherever she goes, RUIHU 5X is a sight to behold

RUIHU 5X comes with Chery’s own interconnected Cloudrive 3.0 smart system. A 99.9% accurate voice command system that supports Android and iOS connections and offers both Baidu Maps and AutoNavi satnav systems. Drivers can also connect to the car’s systems via the mobile app for features such as long distant route safety and calculations, making Chery the first Chinese brand to provide a vehicle mounted system with mobile connectivity and mobile app features.

Chery’s brand new smart cloud interconnective system Cloudrive 3.0

This time, Europe gives a thumbs up

Media figures with the new RUIHU 5X

Utilising Germany’s precise technical art with an attitude that strives for quality of life and searches for beauty with the Chery brand, this Eurotrip tracing quality back to the source won RUIHU 5X positive acclaims such as “easy to drive” and “smart”. The high approval RUIHU 5X received from the media and European engineers set the stage for further praise and attracted the interest from young drivers.