Chancellor Merkel holds dialogue with German-Jordanian University students

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said good education contributes to a better standard of living for all communities and people, and boosts stability, well-being and development.

Merkel’s remarks came during a dialogue with students of the German-Jordanian University on Thursday.

The chancellor said German efforts in Jordan through the German Agency for International Cooperation focus on cooperation in the fields of water, environment and renewable energy, stressing the readiness of the German government to harness all its expertise in this field to the Jordanian side.

Merkel said the German government will not hesitate to offer any assistance or support to Jordan and to enhance investment cooperation between the two countries in various fields, especially in infrastructure and transport, if the Jordanian government wishes and requested this aid.

The chancellor said Germany was aware of the overburdens on Jordan as a result of the Syrian crisis and the hosting of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, a situation which put pressure on infrastructure and public utilities.

Merkel stressed the importance of the investor environment and legislation attractive to investment in Jordan, and said the economic delegation accompanying her during this visit will look into investment opportunities and discuss the possibility of increasing German investment in the Jordanian market.

On the Syrian crisis, Merkel stressed the need to find a political solution to this crisis accepted by the Syrian people’s political and religious spectrum, calling for the re-drafting of the Syrian constitution to establish a political life that guarantees the rights of all Syria’s components.

On this context, the chancellor said Germany maintains its efforts with the international community and all the influential players in the Syrian arena to reach a political solution to the Syrian crisis, in a way that ensures the return of all Syrian refugees and displaced persons to their country and preserve their rights.

In response to a question on the role of Germany in the reconstruction of Syria and Iraq, the chancellor said Germany’s efforts at this stage focus only on providing humanitarian assistance to refugees and displaced persons, noting her country will not participate in the reconstruction process unless there is a political solution to the political and security crises and stability is guaranteed.

As for stances of some German political parties on refugees and the role of the media and social networking sites in mobilizing public opinion against the newcomers, the chancellor said the German government is keen to deal with this issue objectively, which is still a controversial matter among the German society.

In reply to a question on Jordan’s economic situation, Merkel said the tax reform in any country should be balanced and take into account all segments of society, as support should be directed to the needy and groups affected of any tax increase.

Source: Jordan News Agency