CARE in Jordan develops training curriculum on photovoltaic systems

Amman, CARE International in Jordan has developed a gender-sensitive training curriculum on photovoltaic systems, in collaboration with the Vocational Training Corporation and with funding from the Government of Canada.

Within the framework of the Jordanian Community Development and Support Program, which is funded by the Government of Canada, and in collaboration with the Vocational Training Corporation (VTC), as well as with help from experts in the field, CARE Jordan has developed a gender-sensitive photovoltaic training curriculum to ensure that women have access to such a training and are able to work in this field.

The four-month program plan consists of three months of theoretical training followed by a month of practical training. Moreover, 20 trainers from the VTC have been trained on the newly-developed curriculum to be able to deliver it to trainees. As a result, 60 Jordanian women were trained by the VTC in Irbid, Zarqa and Mafraq on photovoltaic systems.

The Jordanian trainees are expected to graduate in mid-May of this year, and CARE will be distributing tool kits to the graduates in order for them to be able to enter the labor market.

CARE added that they were thankful to the cooperation by ensuring the success of the project which, aiming at improving the economic situation of Jordan’s host communities through economic empowerment programs for women, which improves women’s access to livelihood opportunities, combats unemployment and promotes women’s economic participation.

Source: Jordan News Agency