Canada: Over 1,000 homes flooded in Quebec

Ottawa, More than 1,000 homes have flooded in the communities south of Quebec City in Canada, including 500 in Sainte-Marie, about 60 kilometers south of the provincial capital.

Director of Quebec’s civil security operations, Eric Houde, Monday said in a statement that hundreds of people across southern Quebec were forced to leave their homes due to flooding warning that the danger will increase as temperatures rise and melt more snow.

“Around 600 Canadian Forces troops have been deployed across the province,” he said, adding that in Sainte-Marie, some residents’ vehicles are under water and locals are using boats to help their neighbors leave their homes.

He added that Canada had big floods in 1987 and 1991, but at this point they’ve exceeded the highest level.

In Montreal, About 200 troops arrived in Laval Sunday as waters rose in its two rivers, while city officials built barriers in high-risk areas and citizens protected their homes with sandbags.

Source: Jordan News Agency