Cabinet appoints Mohammad Oamri as director of Petra

Amman, The Cabinet decided to appoint Mohammad Saleh Al Oamri as Jordan News Agency (Petra) new Director-General.

Al Omari holds a PhD in political science from the World Islamic Sciences and Education University.

He began his career as a researcher and editor at the Ministry of Information in 1986. He then moved to the Department of Press and Publications and the Jordan Information Center.

In 1991 he moved to Petra as a journalist, editor and chief editor, then a director of the studies and information department and the website and managing editor in 2007. He was appointed as Assistant Director General for Press Affairs in 2011 and Deputy Director-General and Acting Director-General until he was named by the cabinet as Director-General of the Jordan News Agency (Petra).

Al Omari participated in many local, Arab and international conferences, seminars, workshops and press courses, and represented the Kingdom in a number of Arab and international conferences and forums.

Source: Jordan News Agency