Balochistan: TRut to smuggle drugs from Afghanistan (The Frontier Post (Pakistan))

Drug addiction is a global scourge having extremely disastrous implications on the future of a nation. It destroys not only the consumer’s life, but also affects the entire society. Criminology directly links social crimes and law and order violations to drug usage. The menace has grown up at an alarming rate that requires stern measures to curb the menace from the society.

Unemployment, isolation, anxiety, depression, hippy culture, excessive pocket money, lack of supervision and attention of parents, easy access to drugs at low prices, presence of drug dens and frustration are the major causes, pushing youth towards drug addiction and they find their refuge in drug addiction.

When financial and legal constraints make drugs unobtainable, people show violent behavior and resort to robbery, theft, extortion, kidnapping for ransom, targeted killing and other major and minor crimes.

Health experts believed that the consequences of drug use, causing permanent physical and emotional damage to users and impacting the society negatively.

A survey report estimated that in Pakistan 6.7 million people, age 15-60 years were addicted to narcotics and drugs.

Every year thousands of youth are falling victims to drugs such as heroin, crystal meth and hashish in the country.

Pakistan south-western province Balochistan shares borders with Afghanistan and Iran in Chaman and Taftan areas.

The province is being used for transportation rout to smuggle narcotics from Afghanistan to Europe and the Middle East via Turkey and Greece. Much of the poppy (heroin) is still being grown in Afghanistan.

An official of Anti-Narcotics Force said that drug smugglers travel across the rugged mountains and hundreds of miles of desert on their way to Iran and Pakistan coastal belt to carry narcotics to the Gulf countries.

According to United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime officials, Balochistan is part of the transitional trade route that offers perfect itineraries for drug peddlers to access the international markets.

Ayaz Mandokhail, a social activist, said that drug addiction is a challenge that requires stern measures to curb the menace from the society.

He said that there was a dire need to educate the people regarding the adverse effects of drug-addiction.

The young people need to come out to perish this curse and uproot from the society. Ayaz added.

Fighting the drug abuse is not only our religious duty but also a moral obligation.

Every individual of the society needs to play his due role in the elimination of narcotics from the society.