Authorities start fighting 2nd “squadrons” of locusts

Amman, The Agricultural Ministry announced it started fighting the 2nd swarm of locusts early Monday, stressing no other squadrons have entered into the country till now.

Minister of Agriculture Ibrahim Shahahdeh confirmed the elimination of the first locust swarm that hit the country and covered around 9 kilometers of “Mnawekh” area, located 30 kilometers to the east of Jafer in the north-eastern part of the Kingdom.

Detection teams were able to discover the location of a new swarms of desert locusts, who entered into Dana area, Tafilah Governorate, due to the prevalence of south-eastern winds that facilitated the movement of locust swarms, the minister explained .

Ten pest-fighting teams from the ministry with the help of an aircraft from the Royal Air Force, started at 5

o’ clock in the morning the elimination process, the minister said.

Monitoring of locust is going around-the clock by the ministry’s specialized teams, Shahahdeh stressed.

Source: Jordan News Agency