AREC launches smart cities association

Amman, Arab Renewable Energy Commission (AREC) Secretary General, Mohamed Al Taani, Monday launched the Jordanian Smart Cities Association (JSCA), as the first specialized Arab association in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

He said that the JSCA aims at achieving green energy efficiency and sustainable goals for energy, water and food.

During the second international forum for renewable energy and artificial intelligence, Al Taani stated that the goal is to realize 30 percent of energy efficiency, as well as renewable energy, smart network, and smart measurement.

AREC outlined the future of the plan for energy which relies on the smart network, smart cities, smart energy and smart cars for the year 2030, he added.

The forum, which concludes today, saw the participation of experts from 11 Arab countries, and tackled topics including storing energy, electrical connectivity to renewable energy, and the role of renewable energy in sustainable development.

Source: Jordan News Agency