Arab summit aims to unify stances and visions, ambassador says

Amman, Jordan’s Ambassador to Tunisian Awad Al Sarhan said the Arab Summit, to be held in Tunis later this month, aims to bring Arab brethren together to unify visions and stances on Arab and regional issues.

In an interview with Jordan News Agency, Petra, the ambassador said that Tunisia has a role in building bridges of cooperation and dialogue among Arabs.

Sarhan highlighted the strong ties between Jordan and Tunisia, noting that both countries and their leaderships see eye-to-eye on various issues, top of which is the Palestinian cause and the independence and unity of Arab and Islamic nations.

He also hailed the strong relations between Jordan and Tunisia and affirmed their roles in boosting security and stability in the region.

“The Jordanian embassy follows up on issues of concern to Jordanian community and students studying in Tunisia,” the ambassador said, noting that the embassy plays a role in enhancing cultural and scientific cooperation with the Tunisian government.

Source: Jordan News Agency