AOCTC calls for facilitating transport of transit commodities coming from Syria

Head of the Association of Owners of Clearance and Transport Companies (AOCTC) Daifullah Abu Aqoula called on competent authorities to facilitate the transportation of transit commodities imported from Syria that pass from the Kingdom’s territories into Gulf countries.

“The Association received complaints from traders from the Gulf countries about halting commodities they import from Syria via Jordan, especially olive oil, without specifying any justifications for that,” Abu Aqoula said Wednesday in a statement.

He pointed out that “12 trucks loaded with olive oil were suspended from passing through the Jaber border crossing and were released two weeks later, causing great losses to traders due to delay in delivery of commodities according to signed contracts as well as paying fines for parking trucks.”

These procedures cause significant financial burdens for clearance companies and traders, especially since commodities are in the custody of clearance companies with a customs attachment until they exit from the Omari Customs Center as per rules, Abu Aqoula noted.

Source: Jordan News Agency