Al-Ississ, U.S. treasury secretary talk economic cooperation, recovery prospects

Minister of Finance, Dr. Mohammad Al-Ississ discussed, over the phone, with U.S. Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, the latest economic developments, especially the Covid-19 pandemic-induced repercussions worldwide.


During the phone conversation, Al-Ississ praised the “continuous” support provided by the United States to Jordan, and reviewed the government’s measures to address the pandemic and alleviate its health and economic costs.


Al-Ississ also reviewed the most prominent features of Jordan’s structural reforms program that the government is committed to implementing to achieve economic recovery.


Al-Ississ said the “high unemployment rates is the government’s “biggest concern,” adding that “Jordan should continue to implement measures that will expedite growth and reduce business costs on the private sector to create more jobs.”


In turn, Secretary Yellen referred to the importance of joint cooperation between the two countries, adding that she is looking forward to “stronger” partnership in relation to the common interests.


Yellen stressed the need to address important challenges, such as how to end the Covid-19 pandemic, relaunch economic recovery and other pressing issues.


Yellen stressed the importance of continuing the “strong” relations between the United States and Jordan, including support for the Kingdom’s economic development and reform efforts.


Source: Jordan News Agency