After video goes viral, alleged child abuser in police custody

Amman, Authorities are investigating a footage purportedly showing a man beating an 8-year-old child in the wake of wide public uproar over the incident. A Public Security Department (PSD) statement said the alleged abuser turned himself in to police after the video went viral on social media outlets and drew public outcry.

A manhunt was already underway before the alleged perpetrator turned himself in after authorities managed to determine his identity although his face doesn’t appear in the video. The PSD said its personnel moved to the house of the child in the governorate of Jerash (some 36 km north of Amman) and rushed him to hospital for medical examination which showed he was a in a good condition.

According to the PSD, it turned out that video was shot some months ago but went viral on social media networks over the past two days. The video shows the man, who happens to be child’s uncle, hitting the child with a shoe and asking him to repeat verbal insults. The child was referred to a social care home.

Source: Jordan News Agency